Thank-you very much for applying to adopt a rescue with Rosier Days Dog Rescue! You are giving a dog that was in a very bad situation a second chance!

Please remember that we must keep the dogs best interest in mind and we rescue as many dogs as we can, therefore we aim to get the match-up right the first time.

We will review your application shortly. We try to process adoption applications as soon as possible, but please remember that this is volunteer run and that we prioritize taking care of the dogs in our care or coming into our care first. The administrative work sometimes suffers as we do this on our spare time.

If you are not the successful applicant, please do not be offended. We take the dog’s personality, energy level and other animals in your home into consideration. If you are not the successful applicant this does not  mean that you will not be the perfect match for another dog.
We reserve the right to do a home-visit before adoption.

An Adoption Agreement may be attached or will follow. Please read though the Adoption Agreement for the Terms and Conditions.

​​Rosier Days Dog Rescue