Adopted Oct 12, 2015

Lily has found her forever home with a very dedicated owner. Their personalities seem to match and Lily has upgraded from the kiddie pool she loved so much to an underground pool!


Adopted Nov 29, 2015

Watkins steals the heart of anyone he meets! This perfect gentleman has found a wonderful home just blocks from where he has been fostered. We are happy to report he has been adopted to the kindest family and has a doggy brother named Wilson.


Adopted December 10, 2016

Sweet Jules scored big with her family. They love her to bits and pieces. This girl will be spending her summers at the lake enjoying the sunshine and making friends! 


Adopted April 2017

(Write up coming soon)


Adopted December 16, 2016

Rocco found the perfect family just in time for christmas! His new parents were over the moon excited to be able to add such a loving character to their house. With a field just down the road, this lucky boy can play endless hours of chuck it!  


Adopted June, 2015

Jordie had to wait a little longer to find his forever home, but ended up scoring a perfect mom and sister to share his life with. This shy guy is learning to trust through every new experience with the help of his new sister. Jordie is finally enjoying the perks of relaxing and trusting he is in a safe place.


Adopted November 8, 2014

Lucy was adopted by personal friends of Tara's. She is loved, adored and is already spoiled by her new family.


Adopted January 2014

Willy was the second shyest boys we have had come into Rosier Days. (Andy wins that category). Many doggy and people friends have helped Willy along the way and he now has a loving family to call his own.


Adopted Dec 1, 2013

Miles (aka My "my my") has been adopted out to a great family. They already love him so much that they have bought this heat-loving LA guy a new wardrobe. His new family is spoiling him and we couldn't be happier for our friend Miles.


Adopted Oct 26, 2013

This cute little guy has found a great forever home in Parksville, BC. He is loved his new family and pug sister Josie. We couldn't be happier for Harley


Adopted October 21, 2016

Landon was our 50th adoption!!!!

The smile on this guys face says it all. He is the happiest little fella with his new family. Kate and her husband were looking for an older pup to join them in their retirement. Landon happily took the place of warming their hearts and laps. 


Adopted April 2017

Lana has found a fabulously loving home where she is spoiled and very well loved. Her new owner cried the moment they met. True love :)


Foster Fail!

Amazing, silly Chloe stole the heart of her foster dad who just couldn't let her go, and who can blame him? Together they enjoy outdoor adventures together and evening cuddles on the couch. They truly are a match made in heaven!


Adopted August 7, 2016

Ivan is the happiest boy alive in his forever home. He shares his time between the 2 boys and the parents. Ivan is the center of  attention and would not want it any other way. Ivan truly found his dream home.


Adopted June 13, 2017

Our adorable thai pups both won the lottery. Little bear found a home where he gets multiple adventures a day and does not have to worry about being left in the scary house all by himself. His name fit perfectly with his new dad. Teddy says Bear is his best friend! 

Drake now Trigger

Adopted October 26, 2017

Trigger has found his forever home with a teeny sized sister named Buttons. Trigger and buttons already have matching sweaters! They each have their very own pink ball which they love so much they even bring them to bed! Trigger was welcomed into the family with so much love. This teeny tiny guy was the perfect addition. 


​Adopted July, 2016

Snickers waited patiently for the right fit and is now enjoying the good life with his new family in Vancouver! He enjoys endless snuggles and a fabulous back yard!

Barbie now Bailey


​Bailey has found her perfect family. She not only lucked out with dedicated and very kind people, but she has the most amazing big doggy brother Rocky, who Bailey enjoys frolicking  and cuddling with! 


Adopted March 30, 2014

Sophie is kind of an angel. This girl is as sweet as pie. She went to a very loving household that has given this girl the life she deserves. We are so lucky to have known and rescued her!


Thanks to the knowledge and dedication of Canine Valley Andy was matched up with his forever home. They took part in his rehabilitation and fell in love with his gentle soul. Andy is enjoying his new found confidence and loves being with other dogs.

Sandy (Sandra D)

Sandy was a foster failure. Her mom knew right away that Sandy's last stop was her home as she it in beautifully and was very attached to her mom.


Adopted Jan 17, 2014

Mariah was adopted by Tara's sister, so this special girl has stayed in the family. Mariah is a diva and a character. She is very well loved and adored.


Adopted Oct 4, 2013

Lola was adopted by Tara's boss on their first trip down to Los Angeles. Lola is now a very spoiled girl and loves her big sister Nico!


​Adopted April 14, 2016

Charlie is living the goodlife in Vancouver. His new dad Terry plans to take this lucky fellow on many biking and boating adventures. Charlie is also a new addition to the law office where he awaits the arrival of his dad from court.


Adopted March 16, 2017

Our wonderful Sully waited a little longer than expected to find his forever family and now we know why. Sully loves his new family and gets all of the outdoor adventures he could ask for! 

Newton(formerly Ellie)

Adopted June 13, 2017

Not far from her brother, sweet Newton is living the "downtown" lifestyle. She gets to hang out at doggy daycare while her parents are working, meet many new people and dogs on her walks but most importantly enjoy all the snuggles with her new parents.


Adopted April 17, 2017

Tootsie stole her new owners hearts with her adorable snort and loving nature. This girl has many fabulous years of snuggling ahead!

Phoebe(Now Cali)

Adopted October 23, 2016

Cali scored big time with her new family. She gained a fur sister, Chloe, and a wonderful mom and dad. So far Cali is enjoying all the perks of living out in the woods, especially wildlife watching from the deck. We couldn't be happier for you Cali!

P.S: her new name is a tribute to California and her past life.


Adopted April 2017

Write up coming soon


Adopted December 1, 2014

Raffie has found an amazing home with two doggy sisters. He also helps drive a truck during the week. His parents love him to death and we are so happy this amazing boy will live a long and happy life!

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Adopted November 10, 2014

Lexi has settled in beautifully with her wonderful new family. She has an older brother Cooper, who has taken her under his wing :)


Adopted Jan 12, 2014

Cashew has found an amazing pal to spend the rest of her days with. Cashew is a lovely gal both inside and out, we are so lucky to have met Cashew and glad that she will live a safe and happy life!


Adopted Jan 6, 2014

Max has an awesome family and an older sister! She is a Daschund mix as well and is showing him the ways of a loving home. Max also lives across the street from a beautiful park. Max went from death row to a pampered home. Rosier Days is so happy that Max found his perfect forever family!


Adopted Nov 27, 2013

Boomer went to the perfect doggy home! Lots of people, kids, and another dog to play with!! I even heard he got to drive the family vehicle!


Adopted Nov 10, 2013

Morris captured the hearts of a lovely family who just adore him. They even bought him the coziest bed in the world, which was one of his requests. Perfect match!


Adopted Oct 27, 2013

Rosie, now Ellie, has found a wonderful forever home in Sidney, BC. She is an incredible sweetheart and has found the perfect family that gives her all the attention, exercise, and love that she deserves.

​​Rosier Days Dog Rescue

Sweet Cameron(now Ollie) has found his own perfect family in Vancouver where he will explore life and its many adventures with his new human pals Catherine and her son Owen. Cameron also has a brother guinea pig! Wishing you all the happiness and face kisses.



(Write up coming soon)

Nova (Formerly Alpha)

Adopted April 2017

Foster fail

Nova has joined the Rosier Days Crew! After a long wait to find the perfect flight parent for her, she finally arrived and was everything Aaron and Michele wanted in a pooch and more! Nova is enjoying the Squamish lifestyle and working on becoming a wonderful foster sibling to new rescues!


Adopted April 2017

Write up coming soon


Adopted December 24, 2016

**Write up coming soon** 


Adopted May, 2015

This spunky little bud is living the dream with his new family. Rico was fostered with a cat which became his best friend so it only seemed fit to be adopted by a family with 2!! Rico's family are so grateful to be able to add such a wonderful character into their home and we couldn't be happier for him!


Adopted April, 2015

Cody was adopted by a couple who were drawn to his unique looks, he reminded them of a childhood dog. From being an ill shelter pup, to living the dream life, Cody is never looking back.


Adopted December 23, 2014

Zoe waited for the right family for a little while, but it was worth the wait! She has found a fabulous family to love and be loved by. She truly ended up where she belongs!


Came to us February 2014

Daisy was a foster failure to Angela, one of our loyal foster homes. Angela adores her and could not picture life without crazy Daisy and neither could her other dog Dexter! Daisy is now a forever member of the Rosier Days family and will assist in rehabilitating rescue dogs in the future.


Adopted Jan 26

Bacon has found himself a very caring home. Bacon was an insecure fellow who needed patient and understanding people. Well he found them! Not only does he have great owners, but I hear he may have the largest doggie toy collection going.


Adopted Nov 29, 2013

This little character keeps his family laughing with his antics. He enjoys his longs walks and visits with other doggie friends. In true Otis fashion he proudly wore his cap and gown after graduating from training! Yaaaaay Otis!

Betty Lu

Adopted Nov 23, 2015

Cute little Betty Lu now resides in Nanaimo with her wonderful momma. She enjoys playing with toys, long walks on the beach, and lots of cuddles!


Adopted April 11, 2016

Liam has hit the jackpot with his new family. Kathy and Blair gave him the time he needed to warm up, and they developed a special bond. He also has a new brother named Jack who will help show him the world isn't so scary after all.


Adopted September 6, 2016

Lucy has found her forever home with two fabulous ladies! Michelle and her daughter had been looking for the perfect addition for quite sometime before they found Lucy. It was love at first site for this perfect match!


Adopted May 29, 2017

(Write up coming soon)

Sitara (Formally Nena)

Adopted February 2017

Sitara's parents fell in love with her from our plea for a foster home. They instantly messaged us and welcomed her into their family with open arms. Sitara is so happy in her new home. She loves playing with her toy piggy and snuggling with her parents. 


Adopted April 23, 2017

Sweet but incredibly shy Frankie found the most wonderful family who is willing to help him work through his fears. Their patience and knowledge is extraordinary. We know they are the perfect match for this little guy. 

Cassie (Now Bristol)

Adopted November 2016

This sweet girl has found her perfect forever home with a kitty sister and loving mom. She enjoys regular hikes with doggie friends and evening cuddles on the couch. We couldn't ask for a better home for Bristol and are excited for the incredible adventures in her future!


Adopted May, 2015

Danny was adopted by 2 wonderful ladies! Being the puppy of the pack Danny had a lot to learn. His new parents have being showing him what the world has to offer. Danny did wonderfully in his training class. He is developing into a mature pup a little more everyday!

Betty Boop (formerly Katie)

Adopted April, 2015

Madam snaggle tooth was adopted into a family with 2 adopted younger girls and an adopted cat. This girl got the best of all worlds! Her parents are so caring and love to give back by adopting.


Adopted April 17th, 2015

Our shy darling girl isn't so shy anymore! Amy is enjoying every second of life with her new mom Chantal. This lucky girl goes on so many adventures and gets to hang out with her cool big brother Bruiser. We are so happy with how far Amy has grown and come out of her shell.


Adopted August 3, 2014

Brandon is living the good life in Victoria. He enjoys going to work with his owner and meeting lots of new people. He’s been embraced by the neighborhood and enjoys doggie and human parties. We’re told that he makes his family laugh every day with his goofiness.


Adopted June 20, 2014

Chubs is loved and adored by his new owners. He has also stayed in the family, so we get the pleasure of seeing him from time to time and squeezing the big ol' cheeks of this jolly guy! He is such a character that he even has his own facebook page! Tons of friends too ;)


January 2014

Bambi was a foster failure along with Sandy. She now lives with multiple dogs and has many friends to play with, including ferrets!. She is a lovely little gal and we are glad she has found a safe and loving place.


Adopted Nov 28, 2015


Foster Fail!

Darla was a FOSTER FAIL to our founder. She fit so well into their home and with their lifestyle that they just couldn't let Miss Darla leave!


Adopted October 24, 2016

From the day Toby arrived he stole the hearts of everyone he met. This guy's adorable appearance and gentle demeanor boosted him into a loving home in no time! Gloria is one lucky lady and Toby couldn't be more spoiled and loved!


Adopted Feb 2016

Sara, now named Bella, found her perfect forever home with an active retired couple who instantly fell in love her, which is no surprise to us! Sara is such a friendly, social girl and we love she was welcomed into a home with a kitty sibling.


Adopted November 2017

This sweet gentle lady has hit the lottery with a family to call her own! Bella enjoys morning jogs exploring Whistler and sleeping on her dads feet when he plays the guitar. Bella has a beautiful bond with her family and we couldn't be happier for everyone!


Foster Fail!

Taco was adopted by her foster family! This little princess has a true life of luxury and enjoys snuggling and riding in her daddy's work truck. 


Adopted May 2015

From George's mom:
I absolutely love him! There's improvments every day, just like little miracles. He's really good at both of our parents' houses with the other animals and people so we couldn't be happier!


Adopted December 2014

Oscar is a special guy to Rosier Days Dog Rescue. He was in our care for over a year. He has such a unique personality and is truly dedicated to the ones he loves. We consider him as a mascot and he inspired us so many times to continue rescuing. Oscar is now in a fabulous forever home and we still get to visit him from time to time.


Adopted May 31, 2014

Bella needed a certain kind of home and it may have taken a while, but she has found her prince. Actually quite a few of them.... One of them is a Lab mix too. Bella needed a leader and a friend and that is exactly what she got!


Adopted February 8, 2014

Coco was adopted to wonderful people. They are actually slightly obsessed with Coco and we understand why!!! This girl is awesome! She has it all charms, brains, humour, who could ask for more?!


Adopted December, 2013

Frankie was adopted out to a home in Sidney, BC. He gets all the love and attention that a little doggy could ask for! We are so happy for Frankie and we hear he gets to visit the beach almost daily!


Adopted December 29, 2016

Our special Manny waited ever so patiently for his perfect home. He has found a mom that is committed to his training. She adores this little peanut just as much as we did. Happy life Manny!! 


Adopted May 15, 2017

Foster fail

Not only did Tucker gain a new family, Rosier Days gained a new member! His foster family believes he is the perfect fit! Tucker will get the pleasure of helping rehabilitate dogs just like him in the future!  


Adopted April 2017

(Write up coming soon)


Adopted March 8, 2017

Troy has found a large family to love him! This boy loooves to cuddle and craves attention so we are so happy he found a family with many people to provide him with the love and attention he deserves. 


Adopted August 25, 2016

Little Izzy was a fan favorite. She had so many applicants it was hard to pick the best one. However Izzy did all the work and showed us just how much she loves her new family Chris and Erin, who adore her. She even gained a big older brother named Jackson!!


Adopted May 3rd, 2015

Jimmy is enjoying his new life in Parksville. He loves his long walks on the beach and cuddle time with his parents. Jimmy has grown very fond of his new mom Ashley. Jimmy was adopted by a friend which means we get occasional visits from him. :)