​​Rosier Days Dog Rescue

Dave Tomey

Dave Tomey is a wonderful trainer who offers his services to all our foster dogs in care. He is very knowledgeable and patient with the all the different dogs we bring in. Dave has helped rehabilitate many of our foster pups allowing them to find their own forever families. 


Grace Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Russell and his crew are fabulous! They take care of all the dogs in care in Victoria. Dr. Russells expertise is incredible. He is very calm and comforting to the pups in what may not be the most pleasant of circumstances for them. 



Cynthia is one of our wonderful volunteers who helps us save very deserving pups! She spends multiple hours online getting pledges and networking for dogs in need. Although the shelter is not a short commute, Cynthia takes time out of her day to go meet the dogs, take pictures, and get as much information for us as possible. She also transports the dogs to the vet and coordinates transportation up to BC. 

Without Cynthia, we would not have been able to save so many sweet souls. <3


Claudia is our main contact in LA. She assess dogs that we are interested in and recommends ones that she thinks may suit us, or who really need our help! This woman does it all! Rescues, facilitates housing or boarding, schedules their transport, baths, takes them to the vet, makes sure they are well loved, and helps any rescue organization and dog she can. Claudia and her team are responsible for saving hundreds of lives and we are so grateful for all of the hard work she does to help us get these dogs out of a cold kennel with a bleak future and home to beautiful BC!


Canine Valley

The Canine Valley team have assisted us and our foster homes with training and education. Valley and her team aim to close the communication gap between people and their dogs. We turn to Canine Valley for assistance with behavioural issues that we have not been able to address. They have also taken in a special case for us, Andy, who was extremely shy and shutdown and needed 24 hour attention and learn how to be a dog again. Canine Valley offers many services like weekly pack walks, rehabilitation training, and much more. Please check out their website!

Canine Valley Re-Education & Adventure Centre Society

Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital

The whole team at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital have been saviours to our rescue. They assess and treat every dog that comes to Rosier Days. The whole team is knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. We are so very lucky to have Dr. Honey and Dr. Kirkham treat our pups. They are always in great hands at GVH.
GVH has also raised funds for us, please watch our website and facebook page for special events with GVH.

Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital

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