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Alfie has become such a cherished member of our family in the time we've had him. Couldn't ask for a better match. As long as he has his bed, stuffies and his eyes on his family, he is happy as can be. 

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Max and Cash_edited_edited.jpg

Cash and Max

These two were adopted through RDDR as a bonded pair. They do everything together including sleeping, eating, walking, playing and they even groom each other. They are incredibly adorable and are so full of love!

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Cora - Submission Photo (1)_edited.jpg


Cora is a happy girl who is lucky enough to split her time between her home in Calgary and her vacation property at the lake. She is always the center of attention, loves to play with her friends, and most of all is a huge goofball!   

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Eddie is a spunky little guy who is full of energy and love. At 10 years old, he still loves long walks, swimming and hiking. He has been a foster brother to many dogs and loves to teach them the ropes of living the good life. 

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Finn joined our family in October 2019. Finn was a character who fit right into life at our house. He was game to do whatever you were doing! Walking, biking, shopping, napping, eating, Finn was all in! He especially liked growling and attacking his reflection in windows and mirrors, however, he was friendly with all dogs! Finn has crossed the rainbow bridge, but he was a great little friend who brought us many laughs and smiles with his funny ways!

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Harley was purchased from a unknowing puppy mill in Lacombe Alberta    He was full of a bacterial lung infection due to lack of care or notice.  I got Harley and took him to the vet 3 hrs after I brought him home as he was noticeably fading and not acting as a puppy should.  The 24 vet clinic I brought him to had very little hope for this wee little guy ans suggested putting him down as it would be overwhelming expensive to try to save his life.  Being the animal lover I am I spared no cost and took out a loan to eventually save him.  He is now 6 yrs old and the centre of my life.  My life without Harley would not be the same.  Some say I saved Harley as he wouldn’t have lasted another day, but Harley saved me so many times in different ways over and over.  

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Introducing our 8 month old meximutt Jax! He was rescued as a little pup and we brought him home at 4 months old! We think he is a German Shepard and Greyhound mix. His favorite things to do is play fetch, run around with other dogs and hangout with his human parents! He started out afraid of the world but everyday he gets braver and braver. We love our little Mexican street dog!

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Likes: being outside, giving kisses, playing with my sister Emmie, and rolling in dirt piles!

Dislikes: loud noises, strangers, quick movements and when mom sneezes!

I am a meximutt with a big crazy personality. I didn't have the best start to life but all that changed when I was rescued by RDDR and Miss Emily! I was so scared and afraid of everything for a long time but all the peoples were super patient with me. Once I started to come out of my shell I met my forever family! I loves everything to do with the outdoors: laying in the sun, watching/chasing the birds and the bees, and rolling in dirt piles. I like to dig in moms garden too but she always gives me attitude when I do that!

I am usually pretty jumpy and nervous but once I spend some time with you and see your a good person I'll let my guard down. Although I am pretty vocal if you try to come in my yard. I mean no harm but my family is amazing and I would do anything to protect them! I love play fighting with my sister Emmie and boy can we get into some good scraps. I used to  be super fearful of my dad (because I'm not a fan of men in general) and wouldn't go near him but now I climb all over him and slobber his face with kisses! He always laughs when I do that! 

I have been with my loving forever family for almost a year now. Mom always tells me she loves me so much and that I am such a blessing to our little family! I feel safe and happy everyday and as I get more comfortable I let a little bit more of my crazy and big personality come out!

Thank you RDDR and Miss Emily for finding me and helping me find my family!

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Likes: snacks, pats, showing off her toys and being outside.

Dislikes: baths, loud noises, the broom, and cucumbers. 

Loli is a beautiful meximutt with a contagious smile which can be seen anytime she is outside. She loves everything to do with the outdoors: camping, laying in the sun, watching the birds and the bees, and rolling at the beach. 

Though nervous at first, once she opens up she is the most amazing, goofy, loving dog who brightens the lives of everyone around her. 

She has been an amazing addition to our family and watching her grow into her big personality has been one of the most rewarding things.

Thank you RDDR for bringing Loli into our lives. 

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Hola, meet Maeve! She is a Mexican rescue living her best life on Vancouver Island. 

Here she is in her party shirt enjoying a drink from a local brewery. 

This little lady has chronic health issues of her own and so she is happy to raise money to support other rescues in her situation. 

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Oso is a kind, gentle soul that came to live with us in March, 2020.  He is a 9 year old Collie who loves napping, snacks, and playing with his friends at the park.  When Oso is not out and about, you will find him in the hallway on his back, laying against the wall.  He gets a lot of compliments on his looks, but he's much more than a beautiful face.  He deserves all of the good things in life. 

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"Look deep into my eyes, you are falling under my spell!"

Rosier Days rescue Piper was once a scared little pup turned sassy pants who LOVES cuddles, her doggo brother sister and sun tanning. It took a few months to get her out of her shell but boy when she did! Look out! She has earned many a nickname in the time she has been with us but Waggity Anne has to be my favorite. That tail never stops! 

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Reyes arrived from California in February, scared of everything--toys, stairs, the floors, open fields, and coming in and out of the house (still working on that!).  He was mellow and shut down and had a bad infection that required antibiotics.

Once the infection cleared, Reyes went wild.  His mouthing and reactivity were so bad we were black and blue and anxious to get him adopted to escape the constant onslaught of teeth and paws!  

After incorporating brain games, he transformed from an out of control 70-pound "puppy" to a sweet dog who wanted to be with us all the time—and despite ourselves, we fell for him.

 He now searches for anything to put in his mouth to avoid mouthing: shoes, Tupperware, rawhide, his stuffed vulture…and then prancing around in circles with it.

 Favourite Things: chomping water, Tupperware, shoes, long walks, hikes, zoomies at 5 am, his vulture and his people

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This sweet and sassy gal from Mexico came into our lives in 2018 and our lives have never been the same since!  It was love at first sight!!  Sophie has come a long way in learning to be confident and comfortable in virtually all situations. She is an avid hiker, a beach bum (but a reluctant swimmer) and an extremely athletic ball retriever.  She loves cookies, camping and hanging out with her family. Thanks Rosier Days for bringing Sophie into our lives!  

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Uki’s name means survivor in Inuktitut. But don’t let her toughness fool you. She is such a sweetheart princess who loves everyone. Uki has helped our family with surviving traumatic grief from loss. Rosier Days rescued her but Uki rescues us so we love her so much!

Uki loves the wild outdoors. Her absolutely favorite thing is going for walks and even better if she gets to run fast! Uki learned how to skijor  which means she can pull, run fast, and enjoy the snow that she loves! Uki loves camping, hiking, and traveling by canoe too!

Uki’s two different colored eyes (brown and steel blue) and her interesting coat colors makes her both beautiful and unique!

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HI GUYS! I’m Xena. When my mom first rescued me I was a totally different pup. I wouldn’t come out of my kennel for anything! Can you believe that?! Not even food, guys!! But now? My favorite thing to do is stare out the window and watch the world go by. I also bark at everything in order to protect my mom. Even leafs! She says it might give her a heart attack someday but I think she’s just being dramatic. As for food? I no longer discriminate. I love ALL food. I’ll do anything for food!

I also used to hate men but since my mom got engaged and moved a man in with us, he’s pretty much one of my favorite humans on the planet. They even bought a king size bed for me so I have room to snuggle in between them now!

To sum it all up: life is pretty good, guys. Please vote for me!

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Bernie is the sweetest boy around!  He loves nothing more than a good play with his ball, followed by never-ending cuddles on the couch (or the bed, if he gets his way!).  He has the best smile, and he uses those long eyelashes to his advantage.  He makes it very hard to say no! Bernie has yet to meet a mud puddle, or other body of water, that he hasn't loved to splash around in, and coming home filthy after a hike, is one of his greatest joys. We love everything about this silly boy!

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"Rosier Days" indeed! This boy was found at the back of a high-kill shelter in California by an affiliate of RDDR. He required weeks of veterinary care before he could be placed in a foster home. I met him in December of 2016, and we fell in love overnight. A few hours after signing the adoption papers, I got the news that my dog-loving grandfather had passed. I named the pup "Cecil" in his honour. 

In those first months home, Cecil was a yapping menace! He had barking fits at dogs, children, strangers, and at me to demand attention. It took a lot of patience, but eventually Cecil learned how to cope with those triggers, and a whole other personality was revealed! Now he's known as a sweet social butterfly, with a talent for hypnotizing strangers with his adoring gaze. Before the pandemic, Cecil volunteered at an emotional support group by calming and grounding members when they were too triggered to participate. I'm so proud of this boy, and grateful that he was given a second chance!

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Darla came to RDDR in December of 2015 and was fostered by the founder of RDDR, Tara. She was in rough physical shape, covered in scabs, and underweight. Her skin was sagging on her frame, and her nipples were hitting the ground. After fostering Darla for a few months, we decided that she was here to stay. Since then, Darla has been a fantastic foster sister to many RDDR dogs and is now a sister to some little humans. She is the sweetest gal and we can't imagine our lives without her. 

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Ellie Bell 2 May 15.JPG


Rosier Days rescued Ellie and brought her to Calgary from California during the pandemic.  She had an eye infection and was such a timid little girl when she arrived but we knew right away that she would be such a great fit for our family.  

Ellie is not a fan of our Calgary weather but her eye infection is gone and her confidence is growing daily,  She now has a loving family with two doggy sisters and has become such an important part of our lives. We love her so much!

photo credit to Lori Stainer.

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Freddie was adopted in 2018 through RDDR and has made a wonderful addition to our family. He's a sensitive boy who can run really fast, gives the best cuddles and is loved by everyone he meets. 

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Ivan joined our family in 2016 as a rescue from California. This little Chihuahua-Boston Terrier mix has brought us such joy. A friend to all, he moves from warm lap to warm lap, and is always up for cuddles and diving under blankets. He is now a senior dog who loves the warmth, and this photo is of him enjoying an early-spring sunny morning on the deck. 

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I’ve had Jimmy now for over 6 years, he is my first fur baby and my life wouldn’t be the same without him.
Jimmy is a special min pin, who loves his grandma the most, loves to chew bones, sun tan and snuggle.

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This beautiful boy is tough, strong and lazy!
Levi is age 1 and entered into my life on January 21st 2020. He has kept my life busy during the pandemic and everyday life. Levi loves car rides especially when he can stick his head out the window, treats, dinner and stealing towels and socks. He dislikes baths, getting his nails clipped and leaving the dog park. One of my favourite things about Levi is when I come home from work and he runs towards me shaking his butt and tail with a huge smile on his face.

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This three-legged Mexi-Rescue is cute, cuddly, and just the right amount of naughty!  

He loves ALL things foooood!  He comes sooo fast when called (anything for a treat), he knows “sit”, “down” and he has recently added, “shake a paw” to his box of tricks!  

He loves zoomies at the park, passionately kissing his brother and “school” days with his friends.  

He dislikes swimming, having his hair brushed, wearing clothes and coyotes.  

Louie makes our world a better place! 

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Mila joined our family in the midst of the pandemic. She has brought so much joy and sass to the world and we can't image a life without her.
She loves being chased by big dogs at the park and will wiggle her butt and flip onto her back for belly scratches if you see her walking on the street.
Don't be fooled by the small stature, her bark could put a Doberman to shame! She loves to play fetch so much so that we sometimes have to hide her toys so she takes a break to eat!
Speaking of eating, she will do nearly anything for a yummy treat (except of course if there's a bunny in sight - then those beautiful floppy ears of her turn off). Mila knows many tricks and loves to show them off.
Mila is most definitely a summer puppy and loves to bask in the sun so, when there's snow on the ground and -40 degree weather, she loves sporting her custom made sweaters to survive the Calgary winters.

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This ridiculously handsome boy is sensitive, strong and sometimes misunderstood. 

He is gentle, kind and patient to those he loves. 

He is easily offended by being touched while in bed, having to wait for his dinner and by his own farts. 

He loves long walks on the beach, hiking in the woods, and going to “school” aka doggy-daycare.  

He dislikes strong winds, scary noises, baby gates and neighbours. 

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Piri, short for Pirinola (spinning top in Spanish), joined our family as a rescue from Mexico in early 2018. She lives up to her name and is a bundle of energy. This cutie loves nothing more than running on the beach, chasing the waves or a ball. This photo is of her looking out the window at the beginning of our annual Tofino camping trip.

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Riley, age 3 or 4 entered our lives on January 17, 2020 from a shelter in Southern California via Mexico. His first home was our RV and he became a Canadian citizen crossing the border on Feb. 11, 2020. It was a big event for us, he slept through it all, waking only to see if border security had a treat! He is a very smart little dog! We trained him to use a bell to go out to do his business, but he thinks the bell is for us to do his bidding as a revolving door to the yard! He loves sports of all kinds, biking, paddle boarding, hiking and most recently swimming! Even though he refuses to go out in the rain! Riley is ‘living the life o’ Riley.’ He loves dinner, treats, car rides, treats, blankets and more treats! Riley is very food motivated! He is people and dog selective, but once he is your friend it is for life! He also loves helping his foster dog friends make the adjustment to Canada!

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She is a legend, a wild animal, and the biggest sweetheart who loves people. She is a rescue from the streets of Mexico who came to us to Campbell River in February 2020.
Stefy has likely never been on a beach or in a forest before, but she quickly reclaimed all the beautiful nature on Vancouver Island as her territory. Here is pictured on San Josef Bay.
She is the fastest runner, she likes to run with other dogs in the dog park or in the woods, she eats everything and anything, she does what she wants and she likes to play and be cuddled.
We are so grateful Stefy became a much-loved member of our family!

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This happy guy is Truman! This Kelpie-Daschund X came all the way from California to start a new life with our family! He loves to run and is fast as a whip, and a sucker for couch cuddles and belly rubs - What a good pupper!

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What can we say about this shy little guy. As everyday passes his sweet goofball personality shows more and more! when he’s not ripping around the house playing with one of his many many toys he can be found curled up on the biggest softest fluffiest blanket on his humans bed fast asleep.

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Don’t let her sweet exterior fool you; this once shy LA rescue is now one of the sassiest and spunkiest dogs you’ll ever meet! You would never know she was a rescue, she has cast that previous life aside and embraced the spoiled life she always knew she deserved. Charlie rules our household with her constant demands for food and attention - and we love her for it. On any given day she can be found “looking for scraps,” cuddled up with her humans (AKA her subjects) or going on adventures. Words cannot describe the amount of joy Charlie has brought to us and we will forever be grateful to Rosier Days for it.

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Hi, my name is Derby and I am the happiest puppy you'll ever meet!  My favorite things are my California King size dog bed, ear scratches and my humans. 

Due to a heart condition, I can't go for super long walks and keep up so my mom wiggles me into a carrier so I don't miss out on any fun! I like the bird's eye view better anyway! 

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This crazy girl's name is Faye. She is definitely the boss around our house and everyone seems ok with that (even the cats). She loves walkies, her grandma and grandpa and all the food! She is the goodest girl and we love that tongue that never seems to stay in lol 

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George is the spiciest Cockapoo you have every met! He may be small but he is full of life and love! He loves spending his time hiking, play fetch and swimming. If he isn’t out doing his favourite things he’s probably at home chewing on his favourite ball and spending time with his favourite humans, possibly on a dog friendly patio somewhere. 

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Drum roll please. Introducing the coolest guy in town... Jackson!! This absolute melt your heart good boy was adopted in July 2020. He is the largest and cuddliest lap dog you will meet. He can often be found on his back awaiting belly scratches from strangers (or in Jackson’s mind... friends). This heartthrob loves long walks in the mountains, cuddling, camping, sniffing everything, snow, pick up trucks, destroying any and all toys in site, oh and again.. cuddling with more cuddling. If you spot Jackson and his massive smile (I mean massive) strutting the streets make sure you come say hi! He will happily lean all his weight on you while accepting scratches.

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Kara is approximately 3-5 years old and is a mixed breed dog.  Her favorite things include hugs and kisses, friends, and toys.  She likes toys that squeak especially.  She was adopted in March of 2021 from Rosier Days.  She loves everyone but tends to be a little shy at first.

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Meet Lexi! This sweet hearted gentle girl loves the outdoors despite being allergic to all of it. For her the only thing better then going on adventures with her humans is cuddling on the couch and getting treats! This once mexipup has learned to swim and is still trying to figure out the elusive snowball.

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Lucy was lovingly rescued by Tara + RDDR in the early days :)
I was lucky enough to drive with Tara across the border to Blaine to pickup Lucy, her sister Lexi and another dog (I can’t remember his name now).
Within an hour of being back at Tara’s house with Lucy she was attached to me.
She is our first baby and we love her with our whole hearts.  She is fiercely loyal, cuddly to no end and has amazing manners. 

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This Mexican beauty was an extremely shy pup when she came to us. With a little patience and a whole lot of love Nellie has blossomed into the wonderfully weird and happy dog she is today! Nellie is thrilled to do anything as long as her humans and fur sister Charlie are involved - whether it be climbing a mountain, doing zoomies on the beach or being lazy on the couch. One of the best parts of Nellie is that she is unapologetically herself; she embraces her weirdness and everyone who has had the privilege of getting to know her loves her for it! It’s been an absolute joy sharing our lives with Nellie.

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This extremely handsome little ragamuffin has been a member of our family since Boxing Day of 2020.  He was formerly a street dog from Mexico so as you can well imagine he has his quirks. When we first adopted him he was afraid of everything … every sound .. every quick move.  It was all terrifying to him. Well let’s just say that now he thinks he runs the show ; so full of sass it is comical really and stubborn as all get out. He has a long way to go in learning to be a dog but lucky for him he has a patient momma. His favorite thing in life is “ Big Dog “ as seen in photo ; they are joined at the hip. He is very food oriented and loves cheese the best of all . His dislikes include loud noises, the broom , carpet sweeper , water and most men; but the worst thing in the whole world is flies ; if there is a fly anywhere it is a “ let’s lose our mind “ moment. . This little guy is my Velcro buddy and I love him , his crazy hairdo and his goofy personality .. he always makes me smile

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Our Sweet Beautiful Girl has only been with us a short time but she has stolen our hearts.

She loves going for walks with Chloe her new doggie sister.  She loves meeting other people and dogs.  She likes playing in her doggie wading pool.  She Loves all food and treats. She a very smart active pup , always learning new things.

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Arf! (Hello! My name is Rudy, and I am a chihuahua. I left the warm weather of Los Angeles to move to Canada.) Arf! (In this picture you can tell I was still getting my body acclimated to the colder temperatures while playing in the snow.) Arf! (When the weather is nice, I like to go for walks and sniff as many plants as I can.) Arf! (All other times I like to be cozy, and you can usually find me on someone’s lap.)

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This is my best pal Toby.  We came into each other's lives a few months ago. Toby rescued me from disappearing into deep grief after losing the great love of my life Darwin (16 yr newfie x border collie).  Toby is the sweetest/spiciest little fella. His zest for life is unmatched. Everything he commits to is with comedic, joyous, passion. Witnessing his speed and agility is like being apart of magic. His favorite pastimes are bladderwrack foraging, rock hopping,  dancing/wrestling with the hose water, nature frolicking (running, strolling, prancing, leaping, twirling, pouncing), squeaking and shaking things, zooming, sharing snacks, and snuggling ... oh my, he is cuddly. Toby is the sweetest loving pup.  His rad toby-ness fills my heart with all the good-life feels. Thank you Rosier days.

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This is Uno, the best one eyed dog that you'll ever meet. Rosier Days rescued Uno when he was just 3 months old. Due to a bad eye infection presumably caused by an incident with another dog, Uno had to have one of his eyes removed, but you would never know it based on how playful and happy he acts! Uno joined our family during the pandemic when he was 4 months old, and he has been a fantastic addition to the family. At 11 months old, Uno is energetic, friendly, and absolutely loves other dogs. He enjoys nothing more than being in nature and exploring the outdoors. We are so thankful to Rosier Days for giving us our winker Uno!

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