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Calling all dog models! Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society is looking for 13 gorgeous dogs to be a part of our RDDR 2022 Calendar in our calendar contest!

We have set our goal at $5,000 in hopes of paying off some of the extensive medical bills we have accumulated. Please can read more about our current medical dogs here:  

To Enter:

Submissions for our calendar contest will be accepted between June 1, 2021 and July 13, 2021 at midnight.

STEP 1: The entry donation is $10 per picture submitted and can be sent via e-transfer or PayPal to (*Please only submit one photo per dog)

STEP 2: Once you have completed step 1, please email a high resolution photo of your dog, along with their name and a small write up about them to


Additionally, RDDR has the core value of force-free, positive reinforcement training only.  Any photographs depicting shock collars or prong collars will not be accepted.  Additionally, please be mindful of your dog’s body language.  Photos containing tongue flicks, whale eye, and hard stares will also not be accepted.  For guidance and information on dog body language, please check out our blog post:


Once we have received BOTH your acceptable photo/bio and your donation, we will send you a confirmation email and add your dog’s photo to our contest page, ready for the voting period.

How to Win:

Voting will occur between July 15, 2021 and September 1, 2021. 

The dogs featured in our 2022 calendar will be the top 13 dogs with the most money raised! These dogs will also each receive a RDDR calendar. 


Voting donations can be sent via e-transfer or PayPal to

Voting donations will only be accepted during the voting period.

Please email if you have questions!

*Dogs are in alphabetical order



Alfie has become such a cherished member of our family in the time we've had him. Couldn't ask for a better match. As long as he has his bed, stuffies and his eyes on his family, he is happy as can be. 

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Likes: snacks, pats, showing off her toys and being outside.

Dislikes: baths, loud noises, the broom, and cucumbers. 

Loli is a beautiful meximutt with a contagious smile which can be seen anytime she is outside. She loves everything to do with the outdoors: camping, laying in the sun, watching the birds and the bees, and rolling at the beach. 

Though nervous at first, once she opens up she is the most amazing, goofy, loving dog who brightens the lives of everyone around her. 

She has been an amazing addition to our family and watching her grow into her big personality has been one of the most rewarding things.

Thank you RDDR for bringing Loli into our lives. 

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HI GUYS! I’m Xena. When my mom first rescued me I was a totally different pup. I wouldn’t come out of my kennel for anything! Can you believe that?! Not even food, guys!! But now? My favorite thing to do is stare out the window and watch the world go by. I also bark at everything in order to protect my mom. Even leafs! She says it might give her a heart attack someday but I think she’s just being dramatic. As for food? I no longer discriminate. I love ALL food. I’ll do anything for food!

I also used to hate men but since my mom got engaged and moved a man in with us, he’s pretty much one of my favorite humans on the planet. They even bought a king size bed for me so I have room to snuggle in between them now!

To sum it all up: life is pretty good, guys. Please vote for me!

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Ellie Bell 2 May 15.JPG


Rosier Days rescued Ellie and brought her to Calgary from California during the pandemic.  She had an eye infection and was such a timid little girl when she arrived but we knew right away that she would be such a great fit for our family.  

Ellie is not a fan of our Calgary weather but her eye infection is gone and her confidence is growing daily,  She now has a loving family with two doggy sisters and has become such an important part of our lives. We love her so much!

photo credit to Lori Stainer.

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This three-legged Mexi-Rescue is cute, cuddly, and just the right amount of naughty!  

He loves ALL things foooood!  He comes sooo fast when called (anything for a treat), he knows “sit”, “down” and he has recently added, “shake a paw” to his box of tricks!  

He loves zoomies at the park, passionately kissing his brother and “school” days with his friends.  

He dislikes swimming, having his hair brushed, wearing clothes and coyotes.  

Louie makes our world a better place! 

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Drum roll please. Introducing the coolest guy in town... Jackson!! This absolute melt your heart good boy was adopted in July 2020. He is the largest and cuddliest lap dog you will meet. He can often be found on his back awaiting belly scratches from strangers (or in Jackson’s mind... friends). This heartthrob loves long walks in the mountains, cuddling, camping, sniffing everything, snow, pick up trucks, destroying any and all toys in site, oh and again.. cuddling with more cuddling. If you spot Jackson and his massive smile (I mean massive) strutting the streets make sure you come say hi! He will happily lean all his weight on you while accepting scratches.

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This ridiculously handsome boy is sensitive, strong and sometimes misunderstood. 

He is gentle, kind and patient to those he loves. 

He is easily offended by being touched while in bed, having to wait for his dinner and by his own farts. 

He loves long walks on the beach, hiking in the woods, and going to “school” aka doggy-daycare.  

He dislikes strong winds, scary noises, baby gates and neighbours. 

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