Thank-you for wanting to adopt.

Adoption Process


  1. Complete the Adoption Application

  2. We will review your application and reply. Usually within 2-7 days.

  3. If we have decided to move forward with your application a phone, Skype or Zoom meeting will be arranged.

  4. After the conversation if both parties feel the dog may be a good fit, a meet and greet will be arranged.

  5. If at the meet and greet all feel that the dog is a good fit for your home, a trial will be offered with a $150 deposit.

PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE DOG as we do not transfer between locations. 


Adoption Fees

Puppy (under 6 months): $700

Adolescent (6 months to 1 year): $600

Adult/ Young Senior (majority of our dogs) : $525

Mature, determined by RDDR : $425​

Our adoption fee includes the following:

  • Spay/neuter

  • Microchip

  • At least 1st set of shots, sometimes all shots

  • Rabies (depending on age)

  • Special vetting the animal may have needed

Wendy-adoption pending


Age: approx 6 years old

Breed: Mixed Breed- Lab/Shepard

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: Approx 50 lbs

Location: Victoria

Energy Level: Medium

Children: unknown. We would prefer over 12

Dogs: Yes - but prefer to be the only dog in the home

Cats: unknown

Adoption Fee: $525

Medical notes: None noted


Wendy is a super friendly, loving gal who needs a lot of gentle loving back. She is very smart, learns quickly and loves to please. Belly rubs are a favourite of hers. She is friendly to all she meets and wants to meet all. Dogs and people! But she does ask that you are appropriate until a relationship is built (as would any dog). 


Wendy would love a home with a fenced yard that she can frolic in.  She is a good guard dog while in the yard, so if you have busy neighbours you will need to be out with her, or she will bark. 


While Wendy is about 6 years old, she is very young at heart. She loooooves to walk and socialize. She is working on not pulling when seeing someone that she wants to say hello to. 

We have had many applications for Wendy, and have been through a few disappointments. We will be looking for the following to ensure that we are setting up Wendy and her applicants for success.  


- YARD- but understanding or willingness to work with her as she will bark if neighbour is in yard etc.

- someone that is able to work on leash skills with her as she wants say hello to everyone. 

- prefer kids over 12 if any

-allow her to settle in, decompress from the change in home. Wendy likes a routine, knowing her people and knowing what to expect. With time, she settles in very nicely.

If you are interested in adopting Wendy please fill out an adoption application at

The application must be submitted and reviewed before a meet and greet will be arranged.

Please be patient in waiting to hear back from us as the dogs care is our priority and all of our volunteers work as well as run the rescue in their spare time. You should hear from us within 72 hours

Looking for foster to adopt home with a dog!



Age: approx 1 year old

Breed: Mixed Breed 

Sex: Female

Weight: Approx 35 lbs

Location: Victoria

Energy Level: Medium

Children: No kids

Dogs: Yes!

Cats: dog savvy kitties are ok!

Adoption Fee: $525 (Upon adoption)

Medical notes: Spay procedures is booked for June 2nd!

Beautiful and adventurous Cassie is looking for a foster to adopt home to welcome her. Cassie is a young dog who comes to us from Afghanistan. Her past is quite unknown, but we do know she was rescued with her mom and brother.  Cassie enjoys daily outings in the forest or leashed walks around her neighborhood. She LOVES the beach and playing fetch. In the house, Cassie is content to snuggle on the couch and play with her toys. She would love a dog pal to play with.


Cassie has insecurities around new people and really struggles unless in the presence of other dogs. We have tested her in many scenarios, and she seems to do better with strangers should she have some confident and friendly dog support that shows her it is ok. 

Cassie is crate-trained, housebroken, and muzzle trained. 

Cassie and her foster to adopt home will have continued support from our team and a trainer we partner with to ensure everyone is set up for success! 

Do you have the right set up for this beautiful girl?

She will need a home with a dog pal

A home without shared hallways

A human willing to work on her fear reactivity with RDDR and our trainers, always using modern reward based methods



Age: approx 2 years old

Breed: Corgi x American Eskimo ?

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: Approx 23 lbs

Location: Victoria

Energy Level: Medium

Children: 15 + 

Dogs: Yes!

Cats: unknown, likely no kitty siblings

Adoption Fee: $525

Medical notes: Skin allergies, receives cytopoint injection every 6-8 weeks

Rani is a spunky and sassy little girl that is full of personality with an adorable and unique look! Please do not apply until you have read her full bio!

She absolutely LOVES to play with her toys and run circles around the yard. This girl will give you a hello howl in the morning and when you arrive home from work. She is smart, opinionated, and wonderfully food motivated. She would love to have a larger confident and playful dog sibling (male preferred). Rani is very forward when interacting with other dogs and will need a dog who is comfortable with her smelling their face. She will need supervision around food and toys as she will take things from other dogs without hesitation. She can be reactive to people and dogs on walks but with a knowledgeable handler, walking her can be quite fun! (She excels at catching treats!)

Rani is a little bit like a puppy, she will play hard and then sleep hard. She is housebroken and crate trained.

Rani has stranger danger with new people and people entering the house so will need someone committed to supporting her through this. Once Rani trusts you, she is loving, cuddly, and playful. She will keep you laughing with her goofy antics. Rani can be chatty so would not be well suited to apartment/condo living. 

Rani arrived in care with some severe skin issues. Over the last few months, we have worked diligently with our vet to get her to her most comfortable and happy self. She has made amazing progress! Rani will benefit from a consistent diet and allergy medication to keep her skin under control. 

Are you ready to welcome this adorable little girl?