Thank-you for wanting to adopt.

Adoption Process


  1. Complete the Adoption Application

  2. We will review your application and reply. Usually within 2-7 days.

  3. If we have decided to move forward with your application a phone, Skype or Zoom meeting will be arranged.

  4. After the conversation if both parties feel the dog may be a good fit, a meet and greet will be arranged.

  5. If at the meet and greet all feel that the dog is a good fit for your home, a trial will be offered with a $100 deposit.

PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE DOG as we do not transfer between locations. 


Adoption Fees

Puppy (under 6 months): $600

Adolescent (6 months to 1 year): $525

Adult/ Young Senior (majority of our dogs) : $475

Mature, determined by RDDR : $400​

Our adoption fee includes the following:

  • Spay/neuter

  • Microchip

  • At least 1st set of shots, sometimes all shots

  • Rabies (depending on age)

Photos of Julian staying with Hope

Age: Approx 2.5 Years
Location: Calgary
Breed: Black Lab Mix
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 67 lbs 
Energy: High
Health Notes: None noted
Cats: Not tested.
Dogs: Yes - but prefers to be the only resident dog
Kids: Older kids as Julian plays rough
Adoption fee: $475


Check out this handsome guy! His name is Julian and he’s currently looking for a new family. If there is one word, we had to choose to describe this guy it would be LOYAL! Julian is a real people pleaser, is incredibly smart, knows many commands and loves to cuddle as he is extremely affectionate!


This energetic bundle of sweetness is into adventuring! He loves to go swimming, play fetch, explore the parks and mingle with his best friends at his doggy daycare. His ideal forever home is one with an active family who have the time and energy to do all the fun things with him. After a day of activities, Julian is happy to kick back and relax on the couch with his humans.


Julian is also looking for a family that will be willing to attend a force free training class for leash reactivity with him. This will be a mandatory part of his adoption. You see, Julian is a rockstar off leash, has amazing recall with his current people, but once on a leash he has some insecurities, and we would really love for him to be able to enjoy on leash walks. Other force free training classes would be incredibly beneficial for this guy as well, as we mentioned he is incredibly smart, catches on to new tricks incredibly fast and LOVES using his brain for things like agility and puzzles. When he’s not exercised or stimulated enough, he gets bored and can be destructive.  


Julian is great with both dogs and people but can be shy at first and sometimes barks until he gets to know someone (treats are the perfect way to make fast friends with him). Once he trusts you, you are in his heart FOREVER! He loves children, but as he’s an excitable guy and jumps up when the energy is high, he would do best in a home with older kids who can withstand his play style. He can also be a little skittish of fast movements.  As much as he loves his doggy friends at daycare, he much prefers to be the only dog in his home so he can soak up all the attention … with this boy, being loyal and an attention hog come hand in hand. 


If you think your active family could be a great match for Julian, and you are willing to give this boy everything he deserves please fill out an adoption application at


The application must be submitted and reviewed before a meet and greet will be arranged.


Please be patient in waiting to hear back from us as the dog’s care is our priority and all of our volunteers work as well as run the rescue in their spare time.


Age: Approx 5 - 7 years

Location: Calgary

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 67lbs

Energy: Low

Health Notes: Has a dental booked June 23rd to have some teeth removed

 Cats: Not tested, but probably not as he has a high prey drive

Dogs: No dog home please

Kids: Looking for a home with no children

Adoption fee: $475 ​


This handsome and loving boy is ready to find his person! Beau is a very chill boy who loves to lounge, go for short half hour walks a couple times a day and receive affection from his people. He is a very well mannered boy in the home, is housebroken and is fine to be left alone for quiet time while his human goes to work. 


Beau has many great qualities but is looking for a dog experienced home who will take the time to figure out his quirks and will allow him to do the same with them. He can be fairly shy when first meeting new people, and it can take time for you to earn his trust. A nice quiet home with someone who will provide gentle and loving guidance will suit him best. 


Beau gets pretty excited for his daily walks, and mostly keeps a nice loose leash unless he see's a bunny or a squirrel to chase or he catches an interesting smell! He also likes to bark at fellow dog friends as they pass, but he has been working hard on this and is progressing well!

Being crated, meeting dogs on leash and using any kind of force are things that can be overwhelming for Beau. He thrives on learning from force free, positive reinforcement training and we believe that a socialization class would set Beau up for great success in his future. 

Beau shows interest in having dog friends but prefers medium to large dogs and needs some guidance during introductions. 


If you believe you have a calm, nurturing home that would allow Beau to blossom into his best self, please fill out an application at

The application must be submitted and reviewed before a meet and greet will be arranged.

Please be patient in waiting to hear back from us as the dogs care is our priority and all of our volunteers work as well as run the rescue in their spare time.