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Location: Victoria
Age: 8 Months Old
Breed: Shepherd Lab Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 66 lbs and growing
Energy Level: High
Health notes: None noted
Cats: Preferably no
Kids: Older kids
Adoption Fee: $425

Duke is a spirited young pup that is full of enthusiasm for life. He’s curious about everything and is trying his best to learn as much about the world as he can. Duke is a big goof and often lets his excitement get the better of him. Since he’s not as small as he thinks he is— he’s a bit of an elephant in a china shop right now, he would be best in a home without small animals or children. Duke can be very awkward in his movements but is starting to grow into his big body. For this reason, we think older kids/teenagers would be okay. Duke is slowly learning that night time is for relaxing and being calm, and is figuring out that laying on the couch and watching TV with the humans (yes, he actually watches the TV) isn’t so bad.

Duke is crate/kennel trained, and is ok sleeping in his kennel through the night. During the day, Duke would prefer someone who is home most of the day so he doesn’t have to be in his kennel more than a couple hours at a time. If left too long, he gets bored and this can lead him to turning to his bed as a chew toy. Duke has a great handle on his basics and has a solid “sit, down, paw/other paw, and high five/other high five” he is working on his recall and leash walking.

Duke is working through some on-leash reactivity, and is learning to sit and wait calmly for humans and canines to walk past. This method seems to be working best currently for Duke and will need continued work. Duke is a little fearful of most men, and quick movements. 

Duke will do best in a home where he is an only dog or has a large, tolerant dog as Duke can play rough and still learning from older dogs what is appropriate.  Duke is super food motivated, and is easily engaged to try to learn new things. We believe he would excel in nose work activities!


Could you be the home Duke has been waiting for??? He is a big puppy looking for a home that has the time and energy to show him how to be the best boy he can be. 


If you are interested in adopting DUKE please complete an application HERE.

The adoption application will be reviewed before a meet ‘n greet with Duke is arranged.

Please be patient when waiting to hear back from us as the dogs care is priority and all of our volunteers work as well and run the rescue in their spare time. You should hear from us within 72 hours.


Thank-you for wanting to Adopt.



Adoption Process : If you are interested in a specific dog, or if you would like us to keep an eye out for your perfect new buddy please complete an Adoption Application. The application must be completed before an arrangement is made to meet or discuss the dog.


Please be patient when waiting to hear back from us, all of our volunteers work as well. We do our best to match the dogs with the best suited home based on energy levels, other pets in the home etc. If you are not selected for the first dog you apply for, please do not be discouraged as some of our dogs have specific needs.

PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE DOG as we do not transfer between locations. 


Age: Approx 3 Years Old

Breed: Pug Mix (?)

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 22 lbs

Energy Level: Low

Health Notes: Please see below and we will discuss in more detail in meeting. Seeking foster home, not adoptive home. 

Cats: Not Tested but we thing may be okay

Kids - a home with no kids is preferred

Adoption Fee: We are seeking a palliative care foster home


Sophie is a 3 year old mixed breed (possibly pug mix) who is about 22 lbs. She appears to have been severely injured at some point of her life. She was left with a break in her spine and other physical ailments. Sophie came into our care with these injuries healed, so there is not much we can do for correcting them. The spinal injury has left her incontinent so she will require a special person to welcome her into their home to let her live out her final days. We are not sure what Sophie’s timeline is, but while she is comfortable we would like her to be able to enjoy life and share her amazing personality with a human companion. Rosier Days will be responsible for all of her vetting, and anything that Sophie may need.

Sophie is a very sweet girl who can be shy with new people, but quickly comes out of her shell. She is great with other dogs, but because of her health should only have light play. We are not sure of how she is with cats, but would probably be okay with proper introductions.

Sophie is a sweet, and well behaved companion. Sophie does have special needs, but these needs are accompanied by a loving and wonderful personality. She will require a caring and patient home to live out her days. We are seeking a home without young children due to her incontinence and injury. Although visiting children should be fine. We will provide diapers, and anything needed for the care of sweet Sophie.

Please complete a foster application at www.rosierdays.com/foster if you would consider giving this loving girl a home. We then can speak in more detail about Sophie.

Winston - Adoption Pending

Age: Approx 2 Years Old

Breed: Terrier/Chihuahua Mix (?)

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 10 lbs

Energy Level: Medium

Health Notes: None

Cats: Not Tested but we think may be okay

Kids - Older children

Adoption Fee: $425

Winston is 10 lbs of joy, light and love!!  This former stray from Los Angeles has been quickly adapting to life in a home and is so ready for his forever family.


Winston is food motivated and responds well to treat training.  He has almost completely mastered house training within a couple weeks as well as getting more and more used to wearing a harness and collar for his leash walks.  He has been learning about toys and how much fun they can be.


Winston thrives on praise (who doesn't?!) and all the love.  He can be timid with new situations but with reassurance, kindness and patience he has been knocking it out of the park.  He has so much love to give and is such a happy guy.  He doles out kisses constantly and loves to play with his foster family's resident dogs.  Winston would do really well in a home with another playful dog and a dog to continue to learn the ropes from.


Winston has been sleeping in his crate overnight and settling well after a few minutes with reassurance that your nearby.  He is an excellent traveling companion in the car and settles very well for car rides and is learning how to "get in" and "get out" of the car on adventures. . 


Winston is ready for the next chapter and a loving family to call his own. 

If you are interested in meeting Winston, please fill out an application at www.rosierdays.com


The application must be submitted and reviewed before a meet and greet will be arranged.


Please be patient in waiting to hear back from us as the dogs care is our priority and all of our volunteers work as well as run the rescue in their spare time. You should hear from us within 72 hours.