How We Operate


​We focus on quality care for all of the dogs that come to us. We aim to "set them up for success" and thrive in their new homes. RDDR does not focus on number of dogs, rather giving each dog that comes into care the best possible start at their new lives.

  • Minimum two week assessment period

  • Implementing training to help the dog feel comfortable and confident in their new environments

  • Providing quality medical care and nutrition

Where We Are

Calgary, AB
Victoria, BC

Who We Are

Our Directors are made up of four compassionate woman who have found their purpose in making the world a better place for dogs.

Founded in 2013 by Tara Craigen, after realizing the heartbreaking reality of homeless pets worldwide. We are now a uniquely run rescue that we are very proud of.

Our Dogs



Founder & President


Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society was founded by Tara Craigen in October of 2013. Tara began volunteering with animals in need at a very young age, starting with a veterinary clinic in 1996. She finds purpose in assisting these helpless animals, and is motivated by finding them loving homes who share a mutual interest of helping them live happy, healthy, loving lives.

Her vision for RDDR inspired her to pursue an education and career in dog training. Tara is the Owner and Head Trainer of Dogsession Behaviour & Training in Calgary.

Emily Erickson


Emily’s introduction to rescue was the addition of her best friend Coco.  After about a year of owning Coco, Emily joined the Rosier Days team as a foster mom. Since becoming a foster, she has only failed once, adding Tucker to her family, while continuing to help rehabilitate others.

She feels that being a part of such an amazing group of compassionate women, and saving lives feels like a dream come true. There is always hard days, but looking back on the happy faces reminds us to keep going!

Angela Good


Angela joined the rescue by fostering and later started the Victoria team. She has enjoyed many foster dogs in her home, foster failed only one, and has been a part of the rescue missions with Rosier Days to LA as well as Mexico.

Tabitha Strong


Tabitha is the newest member of RDDR, joining in 2019. Her passion for animals began as a young child and after adopting Freddie from RDDR in 2018, started fostering, became inspired by the team and never looked back. She feels as though she has found her calling and plans on going to school for Behavior and Obedience training. 

She wins the contest for being the team member who has adopted the highest number of dogs from RDDR after foster failing a bonded pair Max and Cash. 

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