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Memorial Fundraising Book

Loved So Much It's Just Stupid

Bambi was a very special dog who joined RDDR in July 2020 and spent nearly two years in care in Victoria, BC with her devoted foster family and furry siblings as a permanent, palliative foster care dog. 

In 2022, her adoring foster mom published her memorial book, recounted from Bambi's perspective, to share her adventures with all of us. 

Support our important palliative dog rescue efforts by purchasing a copy!  


Book Review by L. Snider

"In this wonder-full book, Bambi, the rescue dog, tells us in her own voice and with her own imitable sense of humour, what it was like to go from being 'all itchyscritchy' and sore, with legs that just don't want to work together sometimes, to becoming an 'ATHLETE' with a big ole network of playful dog and human friends.  Our own hearts can't help but open as Bambi shares with us the joy that comes from loving and being loved so much it's just stupid."

Purchase Your Copy

1.  Send a $20 donation via eTransfer per copy to

with FOR BAMBI in the notes section.  

2.  Download your eBook copy here. 

Please note this is copyrighted work and is not shareable - if you would like to purchase multiple copies, include the number in your eTransfer.

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