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Rosier Days is committed to helping senior and special medical need dogs by giving them a second chance when they are being overlooked by others.

We rely on our wonderful supporters to be able to commit to these dogs as medical bills can add up quickly.

The dogs below require extra care- medical or sometimes behavioural.

These dogs may be in palliative care, or dogs that will be in care a bit longer than usual as we address their needs. 


Rani is a special and unique dog who we took on at the beginning of 2022. She came into care with incredibly bad skin. Internally and externally she was full of infection. Through much trial and error work with our vet, we were able to get her to a much more comfortable state. Rani is happily adopted but we are now working with a dermatologist to further help her allergies as she constantly has skin flare ups that leave her skin itchy and raw. Rosier Days is committed to ensuring Rani receives the help she needs. An allergy test was completed that shows Rani has a large amount of environmental allergies. She has started immunotherapy to slowly introduce her allergens to build up some immunity. She requires continuous check ups with the specialist to ensure she remains healthy and happy on her medications and immunotherapy. As you can imagine, this comes at a great cost. 

Please consider donating to Rani's care. 

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