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Rosier Days is committed to helping senior and special medical need dogs by giving them a second chance when they are being overlooked by others.

We rely on our wonderful supporters to be able to commit to these dogs as medical bills can add up quickly.

The dogs below require extra care- medical or sometimes behavioural.

These dogs may be in palliative care, or dogs that will be in care a bit longer than usual as we address their needs. 


Abe's past is not fully known. He was found in very bad shape under a car in Mexico. 

His body shows that times were not always good for Abe. His face wears scars, and his frame is frail. Abe is very arthritic and he is underweight. Abe will need time and some TLC. We want to keep him comfortable and give him some moments filled with love and kindness. 

Please consider donating to Abe's care. 

To donate:



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