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Surrendering your dog

Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society is an independent rescue that is run by a small team. We do not have many of the resources that larger organizations may have. We are foster based and it is important to us to practice responsible rescue. We only take on animals that are capable of truly helping.


We currently have two conditions for intake considerations:

Dog tolerant - the dog is friendly or indifferent to other dogs. For small dogs under 15 lbs we may still be able to assess.


Not High Energy - if the dog requires a high level of exercise (working dog level) we do not have the resources to assist

Forest Scene

If you have exhausted all your other options please email us at 

Please include the following information in the email.

  • Dog's name

  • Age

  • Breed

  • Where you are located

  • Whether or not your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

  • Whether or not your dog is spayed/neutered.

  • Whether or not your dog has ever had a dental.

  • If your dog is comfortable around kids, other dogs and cats.

  • If your dog has any aggression issues with people or dogs.

  • If your dog has any medical issues or special needs.

  • Why you need to find your dog a new home.

  • Have you tried working with a trainer, if so, who?

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